Hi there! Welcome to my guitar page. The page contains players that showcase my best recordings. The other links are to recordings of collaborations and backing tracks. By right-clicking these links, you can select where you would like to save the file. Alternatively, just click on the song and after a few seconds it should start to play automatically in your default mp3 player. Most of the files will be in mp3 format, some in wma. Hope you enjoy my music.

Alan Lowe - Black Magic Woman

Alan Lowe - Breezin

Alan Lowe - Spooky

Alan Lowe - Long Night

Alan Lowe - Moonflower

Alan Lowe - Smooth (Guitar)

Alan Lowe - Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Alan Lowe - Reelin' In The Years

Alan Lowe - Sailing To Philadelphia

Alan Lowe - The Way It Is

Guitar Forum - Blues Jam

Guitar Forum - Jazz Jam

Leonard Jeremy - Fractured Mind

Mark Smalley - Sheik Hareeb

Jessie Brown - Long Night

Verna - A Thousand Kisses Deep

Jessie Brown - Fade

Verna - Lights Went Out In Georgia

Jessie Brown, Rhyce Heelas - Midnight

James Abbot - Losing My Religion

James Abbot - My Happiness

James Abbot - Learning To Fly

Updated - Thanks Ray :)

Against The Wind

Black Magic Woman


To Her Door

Dumb Things


Thats What You Get


White Flag

Blues Backing

This Heart Attack

Hotel California


Owen's Backing

Fear of the Dark

Dark Eyes Backing


Blues Solo

Johnny B Goode


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Lotsa towns, lotsa songs, lotsa women. Good times, bad times.
Only thing I want anyone to say is, he could really play, he was good...

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